Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Top Ten

Several bloggers I like have little ritual postings and I'd like to try it out. So here goes for this week (your guess is as good as mine if I will do this again next week):

Top Ten Reasons I Bike to Work

1) Biking focuses my energy going to work and clears the stress coming home.

2) In the fall and on into the spring, I get to say hello to the moon.

3) I notice changes in the neighborhood - like people putting in new gardens, remodeling their homes, etc.

4) My fellow bikers are often friendly and chat at stop lights.

5) Biking helps pull me out of my head and into my body.

6) I notice the seasons changing.

7) Despite number 5 I can "pre-draft" blog posts in my head - or slay invisible dragons.

8) I arrive to work smiling.

9) Biking feels more flexible than taking the bus and it's just silly to drive 10 blocks.

10) I can.


  1. Yes I agree with Rissa great blog layout! Biking is fun but I am sad to admit that I have not pulled my bike out this whole sumer 80( HAve Fun!!! 80)

  2. I wish it were safe to bike here. People who bike take their lives into their hands because the roads are so narrow and windy.

    I hope to buy a bike in the near future, though, so I can ride it on the trail system.

    Happy biking!