Monday, February 9, 2009


So I had a powerful dream last night. Someone, I'm not sure who, was reading my cards, and pointed to the 12 card and said, very clearly, that's you. I could not actually see the card, I just knew which number it was (this is strange - I usually see things - even read things - in my dreams). The number twelve was just simply stuck in my head when I awoke and I never forgot it. Stranger, I forgot which card in the tarot number 12 was, so I ended up looking it up online at work and, then, remembered and was not surprised.

The twelve card is "the hanged man," which sounds seriously scary but it is not. The hanged man hangs by his feet from a cross. His right is crossed behind his left. His arms are usually immobilized as well. But the man's face is serene and peaceful. The card is often viewed as someone who is "hanging out" between the worlds - not quite part of our work-a-day world, not quite part of the realm of the spirits. I love, love, love Johanna Powell Colbert's version in her Gaian tarot. The hanged man is a woman, standing in tree pose upside down in a tree! The horizon is tilted (I love that part!). I recommend you go see it at her website gaiantarot[dot]com

To me the card is about walking between the worlds, being suspended between the real world of our bodies and eyes, and the other real world of our spirits and energies. Both in touch with what we normally call reality and that other reality of the Spirit, of G-d. I drew this card for myself with my women's group a couple months ago. Apparently that energy is still with me. It makes me happy to think that the walker between the worlds is me.

Also, my Mom's birthday is coming up, February 12. I think the 12 is also connected with her. Love you Mom.

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