Monday, July 13, 2009

The evil that is Rodale/Prevention

So, when we moved to this new house I stupidly ordered Prevention. I paid for my subscription. Somehow a new order was "received" on January 9, 2009, and they have been bugging me for $12 ever since then. I ignored it because I PAID FOR MY SUBSCRIPTION. But noooo, apparently what I paid for is an "expired, completed or cancelled subscription." Just today I got a notice that told me that if I didn't get them their $12 immediately they were going to turn the account over to the "North Shore Collection Agency." Wev. I went online and canceled. What do you want to bet they will try to charge me $7 for the issues I've already received, and, as far as I recall, do not recall ordering.

Please take this as a warning never, ever, ever subscribe to this worthless little magazine. The articles are recycled crap and they have a deep loathing for fat people. And they will take every opportunity to bill you. They will also send you books you don't want and did not order and then try to make you pay for them (true story, I did not fall for it and called customer service and sent it back). They remind me so much of People Magazine which kept sending my Mom subscriptions renewal forms, even though she had paid through, like 2020. Anyway, Rodale/Prevention truly, truly suck eggs, my little dumplings.

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  1. Tell me about it. I signed up for a Feed America Challenge on The Biggest Loser website (which was supposed to give a pound of food to a food bank for every pound I lost) and although I checked off the boxes saying I didn't want offers and info from other websites, I still get emails from Prevention! What the hell, leave me alone. I have put a junk alert on all emails from them. I just checked my junk folder and I have 50 emails from Prevention and Rodale. Talk about desperation!