Monday, June 22, 2009

Card didn't just drink the kool-aid - he bathed himself in it well and good

Look at this little "aside" from OSC's most recent column at

(California is a desert, until you add irrigation water and illegal immigrant gardeners.)

Sure, Mr. Card, all farm workers in California are illegal immigrants. Nevermind the long early history of California farm workers who were white refugees of the dust bowl. Nevermind all the people who came here (some of whome were coerced) from Asia to build railroads then abandoned to figure out their own way. Nevermind all the people WHO WERE HERE FIRST and suddenly became "illegal immigrants" when California became part of the US instead of Mexico. Nevermind the fact that brown skin does not make one an illegal immigrant. We must appease our crazy-hat conservative readers and pretend that all the brown people in California don't really belong. Because California really belongs to white people, they just let the brown people stay because they have such a knack for growing things.

Okay, so I read more into that than is there. But still. I used to think Mr. Card was a compasionate person, someone who was really and truly Mormon. My doubts have been growing for awhile, but the casualness of this aside and all of the assumptions that are behind it just make me sick. Why do I punish myself by reading this crap?!

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  1. Didn't he write something about why Obama shouldn't be president and all these Mormons were like, see, if Orson Scott Card says it it must be true! I say to him blah.