Friday, June 19, 2009

What I've been doing with my one precious life lately

Mostly I've been working. I agreed to work overtime on Fridays the past few weeks so our office can keep up with the record setting number of appeals we've gotten this year. Just to be clear, we number each appeal we receive sequentially, so the very first appeal we receive on January first is appeal number one, the second appeal is two, and so on and so forth. We recently received appeal number 8000. We did not have 8000 appeals in 2007 - we had 7302 to be exact (edit 6/22/09). We had just over 10,000 appeals in 2008 (which was a record number). We are not even halfway through 2009 yet! This, folks, is a true economic indicator.

Since I decided to teach last semester and the class was on Friday afternoons, this is the first Friday I've had fully off work for awhile. So what am I doing with my precious time? Surfing the nets. There is so much wonderful (and shapely) prose out there, I'm actually sitting inside when I could be enjoying the sunshine that finally decided to grace SLC. Oy. If you'd like to enjoy the bloggers I enjoy just look to the right of the screen and follow the links.

Oh, and I promise to soak up some sun today, I really, really do.

Little edit - I have recently removed all family & friend websites, except my sister's, from the blog roll to preserve everyone's privacy & all that. I still visit & like your blogs & if you want to remain on the blog roll, send me a line!

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  1. I hope you enjoyed the sun before this most recent rain hit! My nephew's cub scout hike has been canceled at least three times because of rain, maybe four. What's with the rain?