Thursday, April 16, 2009

Radio Magic and Misheard Lyrics

I've noticed a strong musical, radio (radial?) magic connected with the women's group I attend once a month. Last month one group member talked about her efforts to find a new job. She radiated positive energy (she was seriously glowing!) and I had a strong feeling that she was going to suceed. I told her that she had this awesome magical energy popping all around her. And lo and behold, when I got in the car after group I flipped on the radio and I heard, "Oh-ho it's magic, you know-oh-oh." I started laughing uproariously and turned off the radio. I emailed my group to share with them. And, yes, she did get the job - earning twice what she was before and moving into a much healthier working environment.

This month we talked about surrendering to the realities of parenting - such as, you can't control children and they make their own mistakes and choices. One group member also talked about listening to her real self and trying to find out what her true self wants. So I get in the car and hear, "Listen to your heart - there's nothing else you can do - I don't know where you're going and I don't know why - but listen to your heart." Not all the lyrics worked but still - close enough, eh? And I don't know where my friend is going - she is in a deep transitional stage - but I trust that if she can hear what her inner voice says she will go the right direction.

So that songs ends and I suffer through some Rod Stewart song a bit, flip channels for awhile and land on a station playing Dido's White Flag. I totally misheard the lyrics at first as saying "I will not get down with this shit [yep, that's what I heard, sorry] - I will put my up hands and surrender - There will be a white flag above my door." Yes, those are not the lyrics (the lyrics are exactly opposite actually), but what I heard matched what we were talking about. So that probably says more about my crazy brain. But still . . . radio magic.


  1. That's seriously creepy. Either you radio is possessed or it follows you inside and listens to your conversations. Is your car named Christine?

    I'm totally kidding.

  2. Hi Amanda! I'm so glad you have a blog and hope it's OK if I follow along!? I love reading my friedns' and family's blogs to keep up on their lives and get to know them better! I love this post!! I know exactly what you mean about the radio...I love it when that happens! When I found out I was having Bailey, I heard "In My Daughter's Eyes" shortly after! Who says life doesn't have it's own soundtrack! ;) That sounds like an awesome group you'll have to tell me more about it! I wish there was something like that around here; maybe I can get one started...Hope you are well! Love 'ya!

  3. Are you really kidding, Riss, really?? Hmm, I wonder . . . (read that last bit in a "Prince-John-muttering-at-Hiss-voice")

    Kim, you can read my blog any time you want! It's a bit of a strange blog so you are forewarned. :-)

    Your story about Baily reminds me of Eli. When I was giving birth to Eli - and we didn't know that he was a boy, we had names picked for both possibilities - the song "Eli's Coming" was playing in my head. Should have known!

    The group I attend was started by my therapist and one of her practice partners. They used to meet once a week but now meet once a month. It's intended as a support group for women seeking to live more "conscious" lives. I started going two years ago. It's really expanded my circle of friends and been a lifeline in surviving the past couple years.