Saturday, January 14, 2012

Things I've Been Thinking About

So, I do think about blogging more regularly, truly I do. In fact, for the last 6 months I've been writing down random notes to myself regarding things I'd like to blog about. But I've never actually gotten around to writing full paragraphs about these ideas, so I decided to just post the random notes. Let me know if there's anything you'd like me to expand upon.

Consciously resting and taking time for myself as a way to soothe and care for my bodily self - i.e. moving away from a purely mind-identified life/self. Ironically, doing this helps me accomplish my mind-centered tasks (for example, writing a legal brief) easier and more efficient. So more time resting and nurturing my body = more productive mental energy time. Weird, I know.

If I stop revisiting a particular memory, does that mean I've gained all I need from that moment? Have I actually managed to move on? If that is the case, then awesome, awesome, awesome.

In October my women's support group encouraged me to unsubscribe, unplug, stop reading/listening to everyone else's thoughts and write some of my own. I unsubscribed from several over-posty types of blogs, gave up on a few podcasts, deleted some "samples" from my Kindle. What a sweet, sweet relief that was. And now I spend a least a few moments each day writing notes to myself. Not so much a journal, or maybe it is, if writing three or four incomplete sentences a day can be considered a journal.

Do dreams of rearranging, refurbishing, renovating my home (but not actually my house) = fixing up the house of my mind? And why is it that dreams of "my" house never remotely resemble an actual dwelling/building I've visited in the "real" world?

The social requirement for women to be thin, yet to never appear to be hungry. I notice this is a particularly middle-class requirement. In fact, the better off you are financially/materially, the less you are supposed to eat and the more food you are supposed to leave on your plate.

What is the difference between being nourished and well-fed? Or are they the same thing, really?

The awesomeness of my daily notes to myself and my Book of Me (thanks Havi!).

Okay, blogger's being weird, so I think I'll just post these for now. I have more notes, but I'll type those up later. :D

Oh, and here's a cute picture that never fails to make me smile (this is E, with crazy piggies):


  1. The thing I love about blogger is being able to save posts and revisit them later and being able to schedule a post. Because of this, when the writing bug strikes me I write a lot at once and disseminate them in the future instead of feeling like I need to post everything at once.

    I like the not re-visiting a memory thought.

  2. Ack, accidentally hit reject when I meant to hit accept!! Sorry dear Kimberly!

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    Good thoughts and silly picture... great combination! :)