Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Intentions/Hopes

Rissa posted her resolutions, so I thought I'd post intentions. I'm not very good at "resolving." I swear every time I resolve to do something, my brain finds ways to not do whatever I resolved to do. Yes, I even rebel against my own self. :-) I notice that whatever I try to force anything, something forces back just as strong. If I try to force down anger, the anger pushes back harder. So my biggest intention this year is to simply be with whatever my feelings are and not try to force myself into some half-formed ideal. That said, there are certain areas I'd like to change.

I've been noticing myself getting more & more stressed at work, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon in this economy. So these are things I intend to do to make my life (and my family's lives!) happier and healthier, and I hope that I won't sabotage myself.

1. Breathe. I notice that when I am stressed I stop breathing - I hold my breath. This does not help almost any situation. So when I am getting tight and upset at a situation I hope that I will notice that, and then take three deep breaths.

2. Un-round my shoulders. My shoulders habitually pull forward when I am feeling stress. It doesn't help that I work at a computer all day, then come home and play on the computer for at least an hour. :-) So I intend to stretch my shoulder muscles daily and strengthen the muscles in my upper back. And I hope that when I notice my shoulders pulling forward that I will refer to intention/hope number 1, breathe and let those shoulders fall back in a more relaxed position.

3. Hug my kids and try to listen to their incredibly long and confusing stories without going insane.

4. Never take the amazing Shane for granted. It seems like everything Shane does is intended to make my life easier.

5. Walk & bike whenever walking or biking is an option. I know that exercise is the key to my mental and physical well-being, and though I do reasonably well on this, I don't spend enough time walking etc. in the winter months. My hope is that by remembering how good I feel when I get some exercise I will want to get out there and move!

6. Pay attention to my home's appearance and to clean with care and love, not frustration and anger. If I approach straightening up with anger and hate, I never want to do it. But hopefully if I can think of caring for my home as caring for my visual sanity and my family's health, it will be easier to pay attention the cleanliness of our home.


  1. Great post. I think all of your intentions for the new year are good. I especially like #6 and I'll have to remember to clean in love and not frustration. I'm also trying to remember to parent in love and not frustration as well. Hopefully you will be able to be successful at all your intentions. I decided to do resolutions this year because I need to resolve some things for myself because I'm sick of myself. No more excuses is my motto.

  2. How can you be sick of yourself when you are so awesome?? If I could set an intention for you it would be to expect less perfection of yourself and simultaneously to realize that you already are perfect.